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Genre Love, Romance

She Was Pretty (2016)

The plot

Growing up, Deniz was a daughter of a wealthy family. In high school she was very pretty and popular among her friends. Meanwhile Demir was mocked by his friends at school because he was short, fat and wore huge glasses.

Deniz and Demir were high school friends. When Demir is excluded by his friends, Deniz steps up and cares for Demir. This creates the greatest bond between them. Deniz becomes Demir’s first friend and first love.

However, when Demir turns 15 he moves to New York with his father. This separates Deniz from Demir
As years pass Deniz faces some other problems in her life. His father’s company goes bankrupt. Deniz’s beautiful genes which she believes she got from her mother disappear and she receives her father’s not so beautiful genes. Deniz loses her magnificent beauty. Her luck also disappears and she cannot find a job until she is 29.
On the other hand, Demir loses all his weight as he gets older, and turns into the prince charming. Additionally, he becomes a brilliant career man, and he becomes the new editor in chief for a high rated American based magazine. Later, he is appointed to save the Turkish branch of this magazine.
Demir, who returns Istanbul after 15 years, wants to see his first love and things get out of control at that point. When Deniz sees the magnificent change in Demir, she panics and does not want Demir to learn the failure that Deniz is turned into. As Deniz wants to impress Demir with a better Deniz, she asks her best friend, the beautiful İrem to take her place. İrem cannot overlook her best friend’s situation and agrees to introduce herself as Deniz. Thus, İrem meets Demir as Deniz.
İrem tells Demir that she is moving to London for studying hoping that neither Deniz nor İrem will ever have to see Demir again. However, none of them know that Deniz is about to start working for a magazine in which Demir is the new chief editor.

Thus Demir becomes Deniz’s boss but he never learns about her identity. Now Deniz has to face her first love every day. Additionally, Demir has become is a bossy and strict man in business life. He turns life into a hell for Deniz without knowing she is his first love. As Demir becomes the biggest torture in Deniz’s life, she swears that she will prove Demir that she will become a successful person. On one hand Deniz tries to hide her identity while she tries to become the magazine’s most successful employee.
However; it is not as easy as Deniz has hoped. Deniz expects rough days, as she has never been the girl who is into fashion.
As Deniz fights through her situation, İrem runs into Demir at the hotel where she Works. Demir, who believed his first love was in London is shocked. İrem wants to tell Demir the truth but she keeps her Word to Deniz and keeps playing this identity game.

As the faith keeps bringing Demir and İrem together, in every new meeting İrem feels that she is drawn to Demir. Demir’s support in İrem’s darkest hours helps İrem to get back on her feet. Additionally, they share the most fragile faith. They both have lost their mother when they were kids. As İrem feels guilty for seeing Demir behind Deniz’s back, İrem tries to stay away from Demir as much as possible. However, as much as she tries, she feels more attracted to him. For a girl who has never fallen in love, feels this emotion for her best friend’s first love; pretending that in fact she is her.

In the meantime, a love triangle is starting to develop in the magazine. Tuna, another editor in the magazine supports Deniz during her career path. Tuna starts to spend most of his time in the magazine with Deniz. He is the funkiest character that Deniz has ever seen and Deniz loves to have Tuna’s support. As Deniz only sees Tuna as her friend, Tuna’s feelings start to develop for Deniz. When Emir notices Tuna and Deniz’s closeness, he starts to feel a strange jealousy for the girl whom he has tortured. As Demir gets to know Deniz better, he starts to realize that Deniz is actually very similar to his first love.
As İrem keep seeing Demir more often, she becomes as conscious as Deniz that the lie will one day be exposed…Once the secret is revealed, some relations will weaken while others become much stronger.

  • Director Yusuf Pirhasan
  • Writer Aksel Bonfil, Hakan Bonomo, Rüya İşçileri
  • Starring Gökhan Alkan, Zeynep Çamcı
  • Running time 150min.
  • Seasons 1
  • Episodes 28
  • Channel ATV
  • Music Mehmet Andiçen ,Baris Aryay ,Ismail Dikmen

Full Cast

  • Deniz Zeynep Çamcı
  • Yiğit Gökhan Alkan
  • İrem Gündoğan Gonca Sarıyıldız
  • Tuna Ertürk Yiğit Kirazcı
  • Cemal Berk Yaygın
  • Buket Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat
  • Gazi Mehmet Emin İnci
  • Elif Elvan Boran
  • Faruk Cüneyt Yalaz
  • Mehmet Uslu
  • Ali Yağcı
  • Helin Melike Çal
  • Begüm Tosun