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Genre Love, Romance

Nazlı (2017)

The plot

Handsome playboy Ozan is the heir to Ekinsoy Holding, one of Turkey’s largest holding companies, but after a big slip up, his father Orhan sends him to the countryside as punishment. There, Ozan meets Nazlı: a girl with such purity and beauty he has never seen before. Altough grew up without parents, Nazlı turns out to be a strong, beautiful and independent young girl and becomes the pride and joy of the town. Taken with Nazlı’s authenticity, Ozan begins to harbor feelings for Nazlı; he has suddenly fallen in love with her. And Nazlı with him… They begin a fun and exciting game of chase. They enjoy their time together, but Ozan of course isn’t thinking of marrying Nazlı. But when they get caught in a compromising position by Nazlı’s adoptive mother Fatma and the town’s tattletale Hatice, Nazlı and Ozan are forced to get married immediately. Ozan suddenly finds himself in a life he never imagined for himself and starts to panic. Is he ready for this marriage? In his confused state of mind, Ozan receives a call, telling him to return to Istanbul at once. So Ozan quietly skips town on the day of the wedding. When she realizes Ozan has left her at the altar, Nazlı is stricken with grief and is furious. She was humiliated in front of the whole town. To get her revenge she finds herself in Istanbul, but fate has thrown her another curve ball. Nazlı’s revenge won’t be like any other revenge. Her father Yaşar who she thought was dead, and her sister Arzu whom she never knew about, enter her life unexpectedly. From then on, Ozan will find himself in a completely different game.

  • Director Metin Balekoğlu, Bora Onur
  • Writer Mutlu Kalemler, Bazı Filmler Yazı Grubu
  • Starring Yusuf Çim, Seren Şirince
  • Running time 120min.
  • Seasons 1
  • Episodes 11
  • Channel ATV

Full Cast

  • Ozan Yusuf Çim
  • Nazlı Seren Şirince
  • Aliye Ekinsoy Leyla Kader İlhan
  • Arzu Aycı Ecem Çalık
  • Mehmet Eğilmez Serhat Parıl
  • Fatma Gültekin Şeyla Halis
  • Recep Sertan Erkaçan
  • Sema Koçak Ferzan Hekimoğlu