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Genre Comedy, Romance

Relationship Status Married (2016)

TV Series

The plot

After overcoming many obstacles and getting married in “RELATIONSHIP STATUS: IT’S COMPLICATED”,  Can  and Ayşegül , together with their crazy families, is now searching for the answer to the question: “Is it possible to be happy and married at the same time?”. Their marriage will sometimes be a quiet harbor they can resort to when there is a storm whereas sometimes it will be the cause of the storm itself. … But the load of the ship will always be “love”.

  • Starring Berk Oktay, Seren Şirince
  • Running time 110min.
  • Seasons 1
  • Episodes 4
  • Channel Show Tv

Full Cast

  • Can Berk Oktay
  • Ayşegül Seren Şirince
  • Mediha Nurseli İdiz
  • Ceyda Serenay Aktaş
  • Erkut Anıl İlter