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Genre Drama, Love, Romance

A Love Story (2013)

The plot

His name is Korkut Ali… He is the only young man talking highly of his real biological family in front of the cameras on a TV Show of adopted young people in Germany. He lives on believing that his mother had to give him away until he gets shot in an assault and begins awaiting his death with a bullet in his brain. He goes back to his home country… First, he finds his sister who was abandoned like him… She is a young mother suffering from learning difficulty after an accident she had… Young man gets all the more disappointed when he finds her mother. Unlike his belief that she gave them away because of poverty, his mother is a famous actress and has a famous singer son. Anger and hatred replace the longing for his mother and the grief in his heart. He somehow manages to get into their life without telling them the truth. While on the one hand he is angry with his mother, on the other hand he is in need of her love. His ceaseless longing for his mother is coupled now with love pain. Ceylan whom he met and helped in abroad runs into him when he goes back to his home country. Ceylan’s family is working at his mother’s house. Moreover, she in in love with his step-brother Tolga. Although he is so much close to death, he falls madly in love with her. So much that he begins to pray “God, if you let me live with her for the rest of my life, I will stop this anger and hatred to my mother, and end this vengeance”. Ceylan begins to love Korkut Ali however she cannot get Tolga out of her life. They become heroes of an epic love affair and the young girl begins suffering between the loves of two men having separate places in her heart…

  • Director Barış Yön
  • Writer Zehra Güleray, Makbule Kosif, Funda Çetin, Pınar Uysal
  • Starring Seçkin Özdemir, Damla Sönmez
  • Running time 110min.
  • Seasons 1
  • Episodes 36
  • Channel Fox TV
  • Müzik Barış Güney
  • Uygulayıcı Yapımcı MERAL KINALI

Full Cast

  • Korkut Ali Seçkin Özdemir
  • Ceylan German Damla Sönmez
  • Tolga Karanlı Yamaç Telli
  • Gönül Karanlı Zuhal Olcay
  • Eda Çağlar Elçin Sangu
  • Tahsin German Ayberk Pekcan
  • Aysel German Ayşen Sezerel
  • Emine Sarısoy Güneş Sayın
  • Hakkı Haldun Resüloğlu
  • Selim German Onay Kaya
  • Ece German Asena Keskinci