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Genre Comedy

Father Dearest (2015)

The plot

Father Dearest, is a series about a strong father, Salih, whose wife died when their children were very young. Thus Salih  had to become a mother and a father to his children. This series tells the sad and happy stories of this family.
Salih’s three children has grown up and they are all at the age to start their lives.  Salih’s biggest purpose in life is to see their children happy in their  business and private lives.
On the other hand, after the children have grown up, they have stopped to listen to their father’s advice. However; they still cannot have their economic freedom thus they are forced to live with Salih. Salih who is secretly about his children staying at his home, looks after his three grown children as they are still babies.

Salih believes that a father is responsible for his children’s mistakes. Therefore he tries to takes the hit for his children. However, as Salih lives for his children, he neglects his life.
Salih’s biggest children Ece is working as the president’s asistant in one of the biggest companies in Turkey. As Salih is happy that his daughter is very successful; he is not happy that she does not have a personal life other than her job.

Salih’s older son Egemen is a great doctor and he is very close to the hospital’s owner.  However, he works very long hours that makes Salih worried about him.

Lastly, Salih’s youngest son Emrecan is the spoiled child of the house. He has not yet found a job and he still get himself in trouble and expects his father to save him.

The story begins with a joke where Emrecan and Rüzgar plays with each other near the river. Rüzgar slips and falls in to the river and Emrecan who is scared to jump in to save him runs away. Thus a fearless, small girl Ceylan, runs to save Rüzgar. After she saves Rüzgar, to take revenge he introduces himself as, Emrecan to Ceylan and tells her he will marry her 11 years later.

Thus, 11 years later Ceylan who has never left Ürgüp flies to İstanbul to meet the love of her life. And by the help of faith, Ceylan really runs into the real Emrecan. When she learns that the boy she ran into is the love of her life, she finds out where he lives and visits his father Salih; telling him she is her daughter in love.
As Ceylan joins Salih’s family, we witness their lives turning upside down…

  • Director Yusuf Pirhasan, Çağrı Bayrak, Murat Onbul, Emre Kabakuşak
  • Writer Tayfun Güneyer
  • Starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Settar Tanrıöğen
  • Running time 115min.
  • Seasons 2
  • Episodes 66
  • Channel TRT1

Full Cast

  • Haluk Uraz Kaygılaroğlu
  • Salih Settar Tanrıöğen
  • Nermin Çelik Tülay Bursa
  • Ece Güney Berna Koraltürk
  • Emrecan Özgün Karaman
  • Ceylan Melis Tüzüngüç
  • Egemen Tolga Pancaroğlu
  • Aslı Dila Bayrak
  • Adnan Cengiz Tangör
  • Müjde Taşkın Mehtap Altunok
  • Müge Selda Özbek Orpak
  • Rüzgar Ertunç Tuncer
  • Hasan Mehmet Ulay