About Us

Founded in 2012 by the partnership of Faruk Bayhan who is experienced for over 40 years in Turkish media industry and MEDYAPIM which is one of the leading production companies in Turkish television sector.

MF YAPIM is very successful in format adaptations as well as original productions and adapted many formats from South Korea, Italy and Japan so far. For that matter it is the first production company adapting the Korean drama formats in Turkey.

While producing many programmes to various tv channels since its start, MF YAPIM co-produce some of the projects together with MEDYAPIM as well. In such co-productions, apart from the synergy of the joint forces of MF YAPIM and MEDYAPIM, the mentality and the working principles of Faruk Bayhan and Fatih Aksoy who are in the television sector for many years manifest themselves. Trying to pick the plots different then the ones that are produced in Turkey so far, MF YAPIM continues its investments on the future projects together with MEDYAPIM.